Scripture Apathy? Treasure the treasure…

Written by Jeremy

We don’t know how good we have it!

I was tweeting with an old friend from college this week. He made an interesting tweet about his students potentially having a hardening apathy towards the word of God. This would of course be a real shame, at an institution said to value the Word of God above all else.
I guess I am not entirely surprised, to find this among young people here. To have the word of God so accessible to Christians in this country, is the norm, the default. We can toss Bibles around becuase we have so many. How many of us, when we are sitting down on sunday morning at church, have had to pick the BIble up off the pew and toss it down the row, because it was in our way (besides we brought our own better version :). As we sit down we spot, 3 or 4 other BIbles, within close reach. What a blessing, but its in disguise, becuase its the norm! We are used to it! There are lots and lots of folks all around the world, who would love to have God’s word, but can’t get it. Either the persecution is soo great they can’t get it or it simply isn’t available OR it is available but in a language, that isn’t well understood or connected with. This availablity, and common-ness I think could be one reason for this precieved apathy. Our young people, need to be taught by us as parents, and teachers of the scripture the value of what they hold in their hands and flippantly throw down the pew because its in the way. We must treasure the fact that we have this treasure, the very words of God, written in human scripts for us. And we must teach our children to treasure them too!