Coming to the NW Friday!

Written by Jeremy

Crazy LilyHowdy Blog readers! Happy 2014!

Here’s a 1st draft of our timetable as we travel to the NW this week on friday. Our schedule is continuing to evolve so Stay tuned!

We’d love to see lots of different folks while we’re in the area.

Please contact us! We CAN get together. We’ll be in WA (and possibly OR) from January 10th until February 11. If you have a small group of church group or whatever that would like to hear about Bible Translation, lets talk! If not, lets talk!

Junio is staying here in CO because he can’t miss that much school (the girls are home schooled), but he will be with us from the 16th through the 21st of January.SeahawkJunio

Happy AnnabelleSo far we are going to be:
– in Snohomish on the 14th.
– in Tacoma on the 24th.
– in Vancouver WA area on the 26th.
– back in Snohomish from the Feb 2nd-6th.

But we are very flexible around all those dates! Let us know. And stay tuned too; i’ll update here with more details!

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you and reconnecting.