A Bit About Us


Jeremy: was born and raised in Loveland, CO USA. After completion of High School attended Geneva College in
Beaver Falls, PA and received a B.A. degree in Philosophy and Biblical Studies. Upon completion of undergraduate work, he returned to his hometown and worked for several years with a church doing ministry with college-age students. After meeting Jamie and marrying her and becoming Junio’s father in 2005, they decided to plot a course into Bible Translation on the continent of Africa.To that end he joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 2006. He got an M.A. in Translation from NEGST (Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology now AIU), in Nairobi, Kenya. After a some time in Tanzania in 2011 and a critical illness, Jeremy relocated his family to the US. They live, once again in Loveland CO. He is currently working and training as Translation Consultant with The Seed Company (A Wycliffe Affiliate), as well as writing for SIL (Wycliffe’s major partner). Jeremy enjoys doing active outdoor things , as well as reading history, exploring new places, looking at maps, and music.

Jamie: was born in Mt. Vernon, WA USA. She grew up in Snohomish, and enjoyed the wonderfully diverse landscape of Washington State. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Simpson College (now University) in Liberal Studies. After graduating, she worked for two years with juvenile delinquent teens in Redding, CA.  In 2001 she went to Mbeya, TZ to work with a local church and came home having adopted a baby boy named Junio.  When she arrived back in the states in 2003, she worked at Faith Church in Loveland, CO working full-time with the youth group there.  That is where she met Jeremy and fell in love.  She is now a full-time Mom and since moving back to the US in 2012 has enjoyed plugging-in at the kids’ schools and doing other great Mom things!

Junio: was born in Mbeya, TZ in 2001.  God gave him to us through an amazing set of circumstances!  He came to live with Jamie when he was only 6 months old, shortly afterward, his birth mother died.  He was so malnourished that he should have died, but instead, God has given him an amazingly healthy and energetic body.  He was officially adopted by his Daddy shortly after Jamie and him were married.  He went to West Nairobi School for Kindegarten and 1st grade then  homeschooled in 2nd, 3rd, and half of 4th Grade.  He finished 4th grade after returning to the US at Carrie Martin Elementary, and is now fully immersed in 5th grade at Garfield Elementary. He is and has always been extremely athletic and energetic, playing any sport well that requires a ball. He also loves time spent reading, playing video games, and watching stuff on TV.

Annabelle: was born in Redding, CA in 2006.  She is a quiet, articulate, & creative child.  She loves her family very much but struggles with change.  She is in 1st grade, and thriving at public school in Loveland.  She has good friends and loves to play princess, pretend to cook and take care of her baby dolls.  She is taking hip-hop this year and also really enjoying Bible Study Fellowship. God has given her a very sensitive spirit and she loves to give to people and serve them.

Lillian: was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 2008. Yes, all 3 children were born in different countries.  It was a struggle bringing her into the world through a very rough pregnancy but  is she worth it.  She is quite her own person very self confident and generally very happy.  She started talking very early and really tries to keep up with her brother and sister at everything they do. She goes to preschool three mornings a week. She, too, is a dancer taking ballet and tap this year.  She loves going places and spending lots of time right now with her grandparents.